Greenman Landscape Solutions

When we come to your project, you are receiving the sum of accomplishment of years of hard work, education and attention to detail. Whether you require rough grade approval on your new build, a stone patio to enjoy the summer on, or seasonal maintenance on a residential or business property we have the knowledge and tools for the job. Call on us to create an original work of art for your new home or an upgrade on your already established property.  


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All estimates are free and reflect current values on both labor and material costs at the time of your quote.





Landscape Design

A design that will suit your taste and lifestyle is something unique to you and your family. New builds with specific requirements are a pleasure to accommodate, as are older properties with mature accents. Let our designer work on your plan and balance all of the colors and texture that you want to see from your windows and interact with on your property.


Hardscape & Masonry

Hardscape construction is the backbone of many projects built by us. It requires careful attention existing structures and surrounding grades, in addition to meticulous craftsmanship to give clients a product that will likely outlast the home.


Retaining Walls

Regardless, if it is decorative or structural, it must be build strong to stand the test of time. All vertical stone projects built in the Central AB region should be be constructed with the local weather conditions in mind to accommodate for vast ranges in temperature, soil conditions and precipitation. Choose between natural or manufactured stone to complete the desired look for your outdoor space.


Paving Stones

Do you need a footpath, patio or driveway? You might want to consider using paving stones as a reasonable alternative to sidewalk blocks or poured concrete. A properly installed unit of paving stones is stronger than poured concrete and has the ability to flex at its joints during periods of high frost heave. Try the classic look of paving stones on your project and enjoy an array of materials, colors, and patterns that you are unlikely to find in any other product. Consider combining horizontal and vertical masonry to create an impressive outdoor feature for you to entertain guests in or enjoy with your family.


Ground Works

Skid Steer & Dump Trailer Operations

From grading and sod prep to driveway and garage excavation,  we are available to complete your project in a timely and safe manner. 

We also offer competitive rates for  commercial snow clearing projects from small to large scale operations .



Its important to get a professional who is BOTH confident and informed. Particularly when it comes to your tree-care. Although it may take decades to grow to its desired shape and size, it only takes minutes to ruin a trees aesthetic. Please call us, and give your tree a chance to look its best.



Planting/ Selection

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the next best is right now.

In his age of growing concern over climate change and carbon footprints, there is no job that we do that is more satisfying than planting trees. Site selection, specimen selection, and planting practice are all of the utmost importance when selecting the slowest growing and most important organism that will grow in your yard. 


Pruning and Care

Seasonal pruning in early spring or late fall is important for many cultivars. Although not necessary for many varieties, if your tree is looking a bit... much, feel free to call, text, or email an image to see what we think needs to be done. 

Sadly, as with many other things, trees die occasionally, whether by condition, age, or disease. We will also identify if your tree needs full removal and do the deed if you so desire. Our relationships with local growers and nurseries have deep roots (see what I did there?), and we would be happy to plant a new tree in the place of the one that was removed. 

General Carpentry


Our timber fences can be constructed using any type of design you as the client prefer, if you are unsure we can help point you in a suitable direction. Choose between long lasting pressure treated materials or more ecologically and health friendly cedar. Be sure to mention if you require heavy duty swing gates for your RV or Camper.

Raised Garden Beds

Fun and functional, enjoy this type of gardening that requires less strain on your back and less weeding in general. We custom build our garden beds out of sturdy timber, or stone if you desire a more polished look. 

Modular Compost Bins

Designed by Dax on a frustrated evening spent in the garage. Our compost bins are built to improve air flow and make turning a breeze. They will hold approximately 20 cubic feet of material at a time, and the breakdown occurs rapidly in comparison to most store bought set ups.  Made out of resilient and attractive 5/4 cedar with ceramic coated screws to improve longevity and no coating to ensure a clean product.


Property Maintenance

The foundation of our business is in maintenance and we love to keep our clients happy with reliable and trustworthy service. Full time seasonal property maintenance comes with its own set of perks, including reduced rates on construction and softscape products, home monitoring while you are away on holiday, as well as a regular handyman service for those that need a bit of assistance whether inside or outside of your home.

If your parent or grandparent needs help maintaining their home to stay independent, we will also provide assistance finding programs for seniors living at home. Many of our older clients talk to us about how helpful it is having regular help around that they aren't afraid to ask for help from time to time. 

Once a rate for your property maintenance is determined based off of time and level of service, your cost per visit stays the same throughout the growing season, so you don't ever need to worry about unexpected charges showing up on your bill. Our competitive rates and proactive approach make us the most sought after property maintenance professionals in the Red Deer area .

Spring Cleanup

As soon as the snow is off of the ground, we start our spring cleanup routine and you can opt for any combination for your property. Turf care consists of aeration, power rake and first mow. Choose between basic "green up" fertilizer, or a more balanced fertilizer to promote root strength and weed resistance. Full cleanup also includes bed blowout, perennial cutting, arbor care, sidewalk edging, and shrub trimming at your request.

LAwn MAintenance

Throughout the summer we offer weekly service including mowing, trimming and bagging all clippings. We also weed out planting beds by request.


Snow Removal

The only thing that we hate more than doing snow removal, is watching you do it yourself. 

We are nearly middle age, not too hard on the eyes, and have nothing else to do all winter. Most importantly we have all of the tools to do the job properly.

City wind rows got you down? Call us and get your street parking spot or driveway access back today! 


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